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Dental check-up and awareness camp at Beaconhouse School

For community service, an outreach dental camp was held in the Beaconhouse School (Primary and Middle campus) by the Department of Community Dentistry, UMDC on 29 August, 2023. It aimed to enhance students’ knowledge of oral health and hygiene and to encourage dental hygiene maintenance.

The camp began with an explanation of dental hygiene and common dental ailments. Unhealthy eating patterns including junk and sugary foods were highlighted by the team members who motivated the students to avoid harmful food choices; soft drinks, candies and cookies etc. A large number of students got their teeth checked by the UMDC dental team who examined the gums and soft palette of the mouth to detect any present abnormalities.

Later, the students were made aware of accurate toothbrushing techniques. They had a one-on-one interaction with the dental surgeons, and asked them questions regarding dental health. Dental healthcare cards were also provided to the grade IV staff for free dental treatment at Madina Teaching Hospital, Faisalabad. At the end, the principal of Beaconhouse School expressed gratitude to the UMDC team for providing selfless service to the school.

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