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Drug Abuse Awareness and Prevention among Youth

The Department of Community Medicine, UMDC in collaboration with Anjuman-e-Insdad Manshiat and the Anti-Narcotics Force Punjab, orchestrated an awareness seminar titled "Drug Abuse awareness and Prevention among Youth". The primary objective of this event centered on elucidating students about the adverse ramifications of drug addiction on both personal well-being and professional pursuits.


Professor Dr Imtiaz Ahmad Dogar, the esteemed President, Pakistan Psychiatry Society & Chairman Psychiatry Department at Faisalabad Medical University, delivered a poignant address cautioning attendees about the perils of drug addiction, particularly its devastating impact on the younger generation.


Dr Imtiaz underscored the distressing reality of a burgeoning trend of substance dependency among students in tertiary education, emphasizing its emergence within the female populace of Pakistan. He advocated for proactive measures, suggesting the engagement of youth in wholesome co-curricular pursuits and sporting activities as a means of preempting involvement in drug abuse.

Additionally, Mr Abid, Medical Social Worker, in his discourse, urged students to redirect their energies toward endeavors aligned with social welfare and health-centric activities, steering them away from the path of drug dependency. Sub-Inspector Mr Hassan, Head Constable Mr Haider and lady constable Ms Aqsa Mushtaq from Anti-Narcotics Force Punjab also graced the occasion and enlightened the audience about their field work. They suggested faculty members and students to keep an eye in their surrounding environment to identify drug addicts.


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