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UMDC's 9th Convocation Marks Two Decades of Academic Excellence, Honors 169 New Doctors

University of Medical & Dental College (UMDC) celebrated its 9th Convocation on 17th November marking two decades of academic excellence and honoring 169 graduates, a milestone moment in the institution's history. The ceremony, attended by distinguished guests, featured notable speeches and recognized outstanding achievements in the medical and dental fields.



Distinguished guests, including Prof Dr Ahsan Waheed Rathore, Vice Chancellor of UHS, Nominee of Governor of Punjab Mian Muhammad Hanif (SI), Patron in Chief and Mr Muhammad Haider Amin, Chairman Board of Governors, UMDC graced the occasion, adding to the prestige of the ceremony. Key figures such as Mr Muhammad Hassan Rasheed, Member Board of Governors, Prof Dr Aamir Ali Chaudhry, Principal UMDC, Prof Dr Arsalan Wahid, Principal Dental College, Prof Dr Muhammad Akram Malik, Vice Principal UMDC, Prof Dr Muhammad Zafar Iqbal, VC Faisalabad Medical University, Prof Dr Asghar Butt, Regional Director, CPSP, Prof Dr Muhammad Saeed, Principal Aziz Fatima Medical & Dental College, Prof Dr Tariq Bhatti, Principal Abu Umara Medical & Dental College Lahore were also present.


The convocation not only recognized academic achievements but also highlighted excellence by awarding 10 gold, 11 silver, and 12 bronze medals to MBBS and BDS graduates for their outstanding performances. Tehreem Sajid and Shiza Amin were awarded the Best Graduate Awards of MBBS and BDS respectively.

Addressing the graduates, Dr Ahsan Rathore congratulated them and extended best wishes for their future endeavors as doctors. He commended the philanthropic services of the Madina Foundation in education and health, emphasizing the collaborative effort needed to advance these critical sectors.


Mr Muhammad Haider Amin praised UMDC's remarkable journey over the past two decades, stating, "It is the fulfillment of your aspirations as well as the dream of your parents," encapsulating the collective achievement of the graduates and their families. Prof Dr Aamir Ali Choudhry and Prof Dr Arsalan Wahid expressed heartfelt felicitation, acknowledging the graduates for their unwavering dedication and successful completion of their studies. Recognizing UMDC's 20 years of excellence, they underscored the institution's rapid and impactful progress, achieving significant milestones in a relatively short span.

On this auspicious occasion, Prof Dr Ahsan Rathor inaugurated the new medical library 'Shehr Bano (R.A).' UMDC also awarded Prof Dr Aamir Ali Choudhry and Prof Dr Zahid Siddhique with the Excellence Awards for completing 25 years of serving MTH.


The convocation concluded on a significant note, with parents expressing their affection and emotions for the success of their beloved children. The 9th Convocation of UMDC not only celebrated academic achievements but also reinforced the institution's commitment to nurturing skilled, compassionate, and dedicated healthcare professionals.


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