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Vaping is a Cloudy Future: Quit for Clarity World No Tobacco Day 2024

In recent years, the popularity of vaping has markedly increased, particularly among young individuals. This trend is alarming due to prevalent misconceptions regarding the safety of vaping. Vaping, which involves inhaling and exhaling vapor produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device, has become notably widespread among teenagers and young adults. Several factors contribute to this rise; notably, vaping products are frequently marketed with appealing flavors such as fruit, candy, and dessert, which are particularly attractive to younger users. Additionally, social circles and peer pressure significantly influence the adoption of vaping. A common belief among many young people is that vaping is a safer alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes.


To address and spread awareness about these misconceptions, the Department of Community Medicine, UMDC in collaboration with PINUM Cancer Hospital Faisalabad and the Drug and Tobacco Awareness Society at The University of Faisalabad, has initiated targeted educational campaigns. Prof Dr Aamir Ali Choudhary, Dean, Faculty of Sciences, Prof Dr Shirza Nadeem, the Vice-Principal UMDC, and Prof Dr Saba Tariq, Dean Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, honored the seminar with their presence and commended the contributions of the fourth-year MBBS students.

During the seminar, Dr Rana Qamar Javed, a Consultant Medical Oncologist at PINUM Cancer Hospital, emphasized that extensive medical research has conclusively established that carcinogens in tobacco are responsible for more than twelve types of cancer. He further noted that the majority of patients at PINUM Cancer Hospital are diagnosed at stage 3 or stage 4, stages at which only palliative treatment is available, offering merely symptomatic relief. Dr Javed also highlighted that studies indicate a direct correlation between the risk of cancer and both the number of cigarettes smoked per day and the duration of chronic smoking.

Dr Javed underscored the importance of dispelling the misconception among youth that modern methods of smoking, such as e-cigarettes and vapes, are harmless. In reality, the chemicals present in these devices can be more harmful than those in traditional cigarettes.

4th Year MBBS students actively participated in the seminar, delivering presentations on three key topics: the evolution of the tobacco industry from sponsorship to the banning of tobacco, trends in sheesha smoking among females in Pakistan, and a comprehensive dialogue between two fourth-year MBBS students discussing the effects of vaping, including its pros and cons.

Ms Ifra Irfan, General Secretary of the Drug & Tobacco Awareness Society, addressed the audience, outlining the efforts undertaken by their organization to raise awareness among students and youth about the dangers of drugs, vaping, and e-cigarettes. The society members also distributed informational flyers to the audience to further disseminate this critical information.


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