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Seminar on Breast Cancer Awareness

Each year, Pakistan reports over 83,000 cases of breast cancer, with approximately 40,000 women succumbing to this lethal ailment. A striking statistic reveals that one out of every nine women in Pakistan will experience breast cancer at some point.

In an effort to combat this alarming trend, Department of Community Medicine of the University Medical and Dental College in collaboration with the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital, Lahore and the Pink Ribbon Youth Program by HEC, orchestrated a Breast Cancer Awareness Seminar. The primary objectives of this seminar were to enhance awareness regarding breast cancer, reduce the associated stigma, and disseminate knowledge on Breast Self-Examination (BSE), breast cancer indicators and symptoms and how to cure breast cancer.

Prof Dr. Zill e Huma, the Vice Chancellor of Govt. College Women University in Madinah Town, Faisalabad, was the chief guest of the seminar and she addressed the central theme of seminar, "Early Detection Saves Lives," emphasizing its paramount importance. She stressed that early detection stands as our most powerful tool in the battle against breast cancer. Prof Dr. Zill e Huma further articulated that the responsibility for early detection does not lie solely with the medical community. Rather, it is a collective endeavor that necessitates raising awareness and taking action from all of us. It is imperative that we educate both ourselves and our communities regarding the signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

Dr. Maira Dastageer, serving as the Medical Representative of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital, employed visual aids, specifically images, to elucidate the technique of Self Breast Examination to the students and she addressed and dispelled various misconceptions that are associated with breast cancer.

Prof Dr. Saira Saleem, the distinguished Head of the Breast Surgery Department at Madinah Teaching Hospital (MTH) and an Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon trained in the United Kingdom, delivered a comprehensive exposition on the diverse treatment modalities accessible at different phases of breast cancer. She underscored the comprehensive diagnostic testing and surgical intervention capabilities within Madinah Teaching Hospital for breast cancer patients, obviating the necessity for residents of Faisalabad to seek breast surgery or breast reconstruction services in other cities, including implant-based reconstruction.

Enthusiastic involvement in the seminar was observed from students of 4th year of MBBS, as well as those hailing from the departments of Physical Therapy, Radiology, and Medical Laboratory Sciences. As part of the event's agenda, awards were presented to the victors of competitions involving poster design, abstract painting, and documentary production. These competitions were thoughtfully organized to shed light on the profound impact of breast cancer and its far-reaching consequences.

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